Thank You Steve (#ThankYouSteve)

Following today’s sad news of the departure of Apple co-founder and visionary Steve Jobs (effectively “Mr Apple”), I felt compelled enough to send an email to Apple’s “remembering Steve” address []. They’ll receive millions I’m sure… I didn’t know Steve personally but I’ve experienced the…


So… does the Lion (OS X) roar or suck!?

I recently sent some more money in the direction of Apple. I believe they make fine, well thought out products and I come from a PC background so I had to be convinced before making the transition. My first experience of Macs / OS X…

Letter cubes

The genesis of words.

“Oh bonks!” This is my eldest daughter’s (she’s 4) current exclamation of dismay, frustration or disappointment. It sounds worse than it reads but it got me thinking.. Who chooses what words are “bad” – there’s the obvious stuff where it’s offensive in a racist, sexist…

Hong Kong Phooey

Hong Kong Phooey Fanriffic!

Recently updated the audio on an old site of mine. If you take a look at it bear in mind it was (to mis-quote Calvin Harris) “Acceptable in the 90s”. At some point I may spread some “21st century makeover dust” on it – but…

Opened hard drive, showing internal components

Macbook hard drive upgrade – easy?

For once I can give something BACK to the Internet community. For many years if I’ve had a tech problem that I’ve been unable to solve I’ve turned to the ‘net (generally the mighty Google) to find a solution. Recently my MacBook hard disk drive…

Black and white Mother Keyboard and Headphones

Gimme the Reason!

Waxing lyrically about the imminent release of Reason 5 and Record 1.5 updates.

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Post no.1 – the “weakly” blogger has landed!