Letter cubes

The genesis of words.

“Oh bonks!”
This is my eldest daughter’s (she’s 4) current exclamation of dismay, frustration or disappointment. It sounds worse than it reads but it got me thinking.. Who chooses what words are “bad” – there’s the obvious stuff where it’s offensive in a racist, sexist or other “-ist” way. However there are other words that are just “bad”. All of these words would at some point have been uttered for the first time by someone – did they know it was destined to be blacklisted? Who decides which words are to be regarded as “bad”? Don’t get me wrong, I’m not a potty-mouthed individual and I’ll be one of the first to be upset by a verbal tirade of publically unacceptable words, but when were they added to the rude list and who wrote it?

I’m confused – oh bonks!


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