Classic American Car Road Trip

Road Trip

It always makes me smile when you talk to people from “large land mass” countries (USA, Australia etc). They think nothing of driving many hundreds of miles. In the UK travelling over 200 miles is viewed as a BIG TRIP. It’s just such a densely populated little island with LOTS of cars. So no matter how many lanes are added to a motorway (“freeway” for my American readers) traffic still runs like honey through a straw (unless you travel at 2am – but then WHO does that!?)

To maximize the perceived time it takes to travel such a distance (over four and a half hours – traffic dependant) – just add two grizzly toddlers. MAN we thought we were on a rolling road at some points – the time was drifting by merrily but we weren’t seeming to go ANYWHERE! Our trip up started at 10am and we got to the hotel at 9pm (yes 11 hours!!). OK so we stopped for food and drinks and toilet breaks and food but WOW.

Anyway we made it there and back in three days – seriously though we found it easier flying to Australia with the children than making this “short” journey.


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