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Dear Microsoft: A capital J does NOT equal a smiley!

I don’t know about you but I’ve been wondering why people now and then have been putting a capital J at the end of their emails. It got to the point where I became so bemused that I thought I’d Google it.

What’s the juice J?

Whaddya know!? – Microsoft in all their pseudo-omnipotent arrogance decided that the good old : ) (the punctuation marks of a colon and a right parenthesis – otherwise known as a “smiley”) were no longer acceptable to convey a smile in character form. Instead MS software automatically replaces the straightforward, universally recognised and platform independent, two ASCII character smiley with their WingDings font version – which for anyone not using Outlook / Microsoft email systems translates as a capital “J”. Well done! [slow hand clap]….

Yet again Microsoft have taken the view that EVERYONE uses their software (sorry to report guys, your market is receding) and have actually put a “stick in the spokes” of what was already a perfectly acceptable means of communicating within email that something was a joke or lighthearted. Let’s hope nothing too inflammatory is sent from a Microsoft email system – the presence of a capital J is not going to water down the message that was originally intended as a joke!

😉     <— I wonder what they’ll do with the winking smiley!?


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