Well, after being a “full-time Dad” for a period of time (which is a daft term because even whilst working I don’t become a “part-time Dad”) I’m now moving from what the “Department for Employment and Learning” (as they’re currently known) refer to as an individual who is “economically inactive” (or “unemployed but not featuring in our figures”). I am now (partially) back in the commercial world of work.

Enjoying a part time status at where the main task currently is to “get the word on the streets”. That word is “pro” and “audio” (and yes that’s TWO words). There are many more besides but professional audio products are the mainstay and focus for this well anchored and dedicated business. The ethos is certainly to strive for customer happiness and to treat others like you would like to be treated (aka “The Golden Rule” or as I prefer to refer to the origin: Matthew 7 v12 (The Message) – check it out).

So I’m working on a new area of tech and that is SEO (Search Engine Optimization) – keywords, adwords, link building and Social Media (Facebook, Twitter etc) – all areas receiving my attention (and “tweets” and “posts” and “likes”).

This is my first blog post – let’s see how (un)interesting I can make it πŸ˜‰


With his love for music, both creating it on his synth / Mac setup and also listening to CDs from his collection (DJing means it’s an ever-growing one!), Mark (aka MrGroove) enjoys all elements of sound production.

An experienced radio and mobile DJ, available for parties and events, more details here:

Along with the aural fixation Mark loves working with visuals too: video editing, photography etc.

He has a general interest in all things tech – the higher the FLV (Flashing Light Value), the better.

...and most importantly: God is his co-pilot.

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