A year (and a bit) down the road…

Well now, that was a bit of a hiatus wasn’t it? Much has changed, moved town, moved house (rather obviously) and got three distinct business entities on the boil. All under the umbrella of RedLED ProductionsRedLED Productions Logo Square [425x 425].
RedLED Productions undertakes digital media projects such as video filming and editing. The attention to detail and quality is also applied to the creation of bespoke DVD and BluRay discs, fully packaged and presented. Promotional, training and educational productions have been commissioned and delivered. We also undertake VHS to DVD transfers, retrieiving old memories and presenting them in a new medium that is far less susceptible to degradation. A full menu system, with chapters, modern graphics and broadcast quality transitions means that your old video footage has never looked better. If it’s your typical long, boring, uncut home video we can (if you wish) edit it down to a more engaging viewing experience.

Often promotional and training work requires a voiceover to instruct, clarify or extol – which is where the next department comes into play, Mark Tilyard – Voice Actor.Mark Tilyard - Voice Actor (bigger)
Capable of many voice styles and accents, Mark Tilyard – Voice Actor produces audio for audiobooks (for example on Amazon and iTunes), animation, commercials, infomercials, auto attendant (phone systems), and “voice of God”-type speech for live events. Pretty much any requirement for a male voice can be undertaken (my “female voice” is fine for comedy, pantomime and cartoons – but not particularly convincing for serious work 🙂 ).

You’ll notice that sound is a common thread running through these various services which brings us to the final provision available from RedLED Productions. Groovemachine featuring MrGroove is a fairly long-winded way of saying “mobile disco” but it is certainly a lot more fun!
GroovemachineWith music from the 40s, 50s, 60s, 70s, 80s, 90s and beyond (00s and 10s don’t quite have the same ring to it – roll on the 20s!) Groovemachine has something for everyone. Having been a radio DJ since the late 80s and running discos since 1990 I have a lot of experience of how to ensure an event runs smoothly and is enjoyed by all. Weddings, birthday parties, children’s parties, promo events have all been undertaken. Fancy a groovy 70s night, a vibrant 80s night or a retro 90s night? Themed birthday parties can be great for recapturing those memories of your “clubbing days” – your playlist suggestions / wishes are willingly incorporated into the set so you can be assured your favourite songs will get you and your friends on the dance floor. Take a look at the dedicated website for testimonials / reviews of my work.

Video, Audio, Voice and Text

Lights Camera Action - Video Audio Voice and Text
Technical Media Services?

Video-Audio-Production-Voice-Over-Voice-Acting-Copywriting Services?

It’s tricky to come up with an umbrella term that covers all these areas of expertise, if you have a good idea do let me know. Suffice to say that I am now transitioning my skills that were previously available only to a select number to a national (international?) market. So if you require generation of an audio or video epic, voicing for your latest production, telephone “on hold” system voicing, some engaging “target audience” text for your website or assistance on any of the above click the “Contact” option in the menu above and get in touch. I look forward to hearing from you.


Addendum: Aha! Finally worked out a better umbrella term for all of this: Digital Media Services.

What was that? Exqueeze me? Baking powder? (AKA misheard lyrics)

My 5 year old daughter has just learnt a new song (courtesy of a schoolfriend). Now normally I’d be extremely concerned if I heard her singing the lyrically suggestive “I’m Sexy And I Know It” LMFAO song, however she has thankfully been taught a far more sedate (and hilarious when you consider the spoof possibilities) version:

“I’m Sixty And I Know It”

Which got me thinking about the various songs I’ve heard misquoted lyrically. Many of them courtesy of my wonderful Mum – who has a real knack for malapropisms. Here’s just a few of them (and you do have to listen to the originals to work out how these came about – YouTube / Spotify / iTunes time!)

Sade’s “Smooth Operator” was apparently “Smooth My Umbrella” (though quite why someone would feel the need to smooth their umbrella is beyond me).

“Big Fun” by Inner City with the line “The party’s just begun, yeh, yeh, yeh, yeaah. We’re having big fun” does, to be fair to my Mum’s ears, sound like the vocalist is singing The party’s just begun, yeh, yeh, yeh, yeaah. We’re having meatballs” – which in certain parts of Italy may well be “big fun”.

A friend of mine’s daughter rocks out to Kings Of Leon’s “Sex On Fire” though rather than the original “Your sex is on fire!” line, she goes for the far more daring (and indeed more grammatically correct) “Your socks are on fire!”.

And then my own misheard mishap…

Until the age of about fifteen I believed the lyrics to the “modern” hymn “Lord Of The Dance” – which has the line:
“Dance then, wherever you may be, I am the Lord of the dance, said he”

were, to my (relatively) young ears, in fact:
“Dance then, wherever you may be, I am the Lord of the dance settee”
I used to have this vision of a “funky sofa” – and still to this day I think my version is a better one… (not a particularly edifying hymn, but a fine “inclusive” Christian song for the clubbing fraternity).

Anyone got any of their own misheard lyrics that they’d care to share?

Hong Kong Phooey Fanriffic!

Recently updated the audio on an old site of mine. If you take a look at it bear in mind it was (to mis-quote Calvin Harris) “Acceptable in the 90s”. At some point I may spread some “21st century makeover dust” on it – but for now it’s an ‘interesting retrospect on the web design attributes of the 1990s’ (my career as an art museum curator has yet to take off – evidently).

Anyway like I said, I’ve updated the audio – it WAS in RealAudio format – remember that!? Back in the 90s, kids, we had devices called modems (which stood for “MODulator / DEModulator”) which we attached to the phone line. At the start of any Internet session (web, email, whatever) you used to click an icon to start the connection and then hear piercing bleeps and chirrups while the modem did it’s thing.

On The Hong Kong Phooey Fanriffic! Zone (the site in question) I had two files, one for 14.4k modems and the other for 28.8k modems. Yes “bandwidth” back then was 14.4 kilobits or 28.8 kilobits per second. Bear in mind that standard broadband is currently around 5 megabits (or 5000 kilobits! – it’s actually 5120 kilobits due to clever maths stuff – but I don’t want to bog you down with that) – being on the Internet in the 90s was good schooling for the art of patience!

As an aside I remember, back around the same era, working as a software developer writing programs that required “compiling” (translation into machine efficient code) – I used to be able to have a tea break when the compiling process was initiated. Then we got faster machines – darn technological progress – and the compiling took less than a minute, no time for a cuppa 🙁

So the audio is now in massive (for 90s modems) WAV format. Not only did I incorporate a more up-to-date audio format I also transcribed the lyrics to the theme tune – it’s SHOCKING how many sites have the incorrect lyrics. The lyrics I have put up have the song structure and even a transcription of the scat singing (“do bee do bee doooo, skiddly biddly bong” – Cleo Laine’s got nothing on me!). Indeed Scatman Crothers (who provided the voice for Hong Kong Phooey) wasn’t called “Scatman” by accident and was a well known ‘Scat Cat’ (I may have just made that term up) in the 1930s and onwards. So if you fancy hearing that classic Hong Kong Phooey Theme Tune and sing along with the lyrics you know what to do (hint: click the link!)