Gimme the Reason!

(with apologies to Luther Vandross for “borrowing” his song name for my title 🙂

OK so today is the release of Propellerhead Software’s Reason 5 and Record 1.5 updates. I use this software at church (I play keys). It’s such a versatile and well written piece of music production software. It has nifty (and totally extravagant) features. For instance you can turn the virtual rack around and move the virtual cables from socket to socket – literally unplug and plug in graphically. They didn’t NEED to write that in such a graphically rich way but the fact they did makes it appear so much more like an “audio device” than a software application. I guess that’s the key – engage the imagination of the user and you’ll gain their love.

Anyway it’s released to today – I bet their servers are getting pretty hot with all the download attention. Can’t wait to have a play!

Road Trip

It always makes me smile when you talk to people from “large land mass” countries (USA, Australia etc). They think nothing of driving many hundreds of miles. In the UK travelling over 200 miles is viewed as a BIG TRIP. It’s just such a densely populated little island with LOTS of cars. So no matter how many lanes are added to a motorway (“freeway” for my American readers) traffic still runs like honey through a straw (unless you travel at 2am – but then WHO does that!?)

To maximize the perceived time it takes to travel such a distance (over four and a half hours – traffic dependant) – just add two grizzly toddlers. MAN we thought we were on a rolling road at some points – the time was drifting by merrily but we weren’t seeming to go ANYWHERE! Our trip up started at 10am and we got to the hotel at 9pm (yes 11 hours!!). OK so we stopped for food and drinks and toilet breaks and food but WOW.

Anyway we made it there and back in three days – seriously though we found it easier flying to Australia with the children than making this “short” journey.


Well, after being a “full-time Dad” for a period of time (which is a daft term because even whilst working I don’t become a “part-time Dad”) I’m now moving from what the “Department for Employment and Learning” (as they’re currently known) refer to as an individual who is “economically inactive” (or “unemployed but not featuring in our figures”). I am now (partially) back in the commercial world of work.

Enjoying a part time status at where the main task currently is to “get the word on the streets”. That word is “pro” and “audio” (and yes that’s TWO words). There are many more besides but professional audio products are the mainstay and focus for this well anchored and dedicated business. The ethos is certainly to strive for customer happiness and to treat others like you would like to be treated (aka “The Golden Rule” or as I prefer to refer to the origin: Matthew 7 v12 (The Message) – check it out).

So I’m working on a new area of tech and that is SEO (Search Engine Optimization) – keywords, adwords, link building and Social Media (Facebook, Twitter etc) – all areas receiving my attention (and “tweets” and “posts” and “likes”).

This is my first blog post – let’s see how (un)interesting I can make it 😉